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Wild Camping

Going on an expedition and looking to test your skills beforehand or just looking to spend a night in the best B&B in the world. Then our two-day wild camping weekend is for you.

Over the course of two days we will trek out into the mountains look for a camping spot and send a night under the stars. You will acquire the knowledge, skills and confidence to safely setup and run a camp far away from the comforts of home in an environmentally responsible manner.

During the course we will cover the following topic areas:

Selecting a site – What terrain are we looking for should it be sheltered, near a water course.
Legal framework – Where can we wild comp and what are our responsibilities.
Food – What food do we take, how do we keep hydrated.
Camp craft – How to pitch tents safely, cooking food and dealing with waste.
Environment – How to reduce your effect on the upland environment, local organisations and what we can do to help.