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Hill Skills

Over the course of two days you will acquire the knowledge and skills to safely organise your own hill walks on the moors and upland areas in the UK.

You need no experience of hill walking or navigating in the upland environment is needed before signing on to this course. The days will involve lectures, group discussions as well as up to 5 hours out on the hills gaining practical experience.

During the course we will cover the following topic areas:

Planning – How to plan a fun and challenging day in the upland areas of the UK, including basic route cards.
Weather – Where to find reliable weather forecasts, how to interpret them and how the changing conditions affect a day out on the hill.
Navigation – Basic navigation skills, strategies an introduction into using GPS technology. Never get lost again!
Clothing and Equipment – Is it bad weather or bad gear, it is the eternal question, we will take you through what kit to have and how to use it.
Nutrition/Hydration – What you should be eating before going out, what should we take on the hill. Is hydration just about water.
Movement – We will look at what pace is a good pace and how to move safely over difficult terrain.
Access rights – Where can we walk and what are our responsibilities.
Emergency procedures – What to do in the case of an emergency, how to get help and how to help yourself.
Environment – How to reduce your effect on the upland environment, local organisations and what we can do to help.